Most religions espouse some form of the golden rule - do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.  So why is it okay to trash-talk these famous people?  The way I used to look at it is, if you're famous, this is what you signed up for.  I suppose I thought that since they get to live in a mansion and fly first class, they should just deal with the constant criticism. 

When I read about the , Nadya Suleman, at first, I joined the pile-on of outrage.  What kind of woman would have eight children without any source of income?  What was her fertility doctor thinking?  Next came  and .  I realized there's a recurring theme here for some of these celebrities I love to snark about.  They're all looking for someone to love them for who they are, and they're going about it the wrong way.  

My own personal moment of truth in terms of faith came with the realization, not just that the Creator of All Things loved me, but that He accepted me just as I am.  That was a real turning point for me, and I look back on it as the beginning of my life in many ways.

What if everybody really does get their fifteen minutes of fame?  If we all get to be a star at some point in our lives, maybe mud will be flung our way someday too.

St. Augustine wrote that in each of us is a God-shaped void, and that nothing else can fill it.  Maybe if celebrities are allowed to be themselves, make mistakes, and start over again, they'll experience just a taste of what faith can do.  In the meantime, I'm going to remind myself not to judge celebrities too harshly.  When my time in the limelight comes around, I might find those snarky bloggers and paparazzi behind the bushes tiresome, too.

Just between us—
I've done things I wouldn't want
to see in the headlines,
so I won't be throwing
a stone in your direction.
Every dark alley,
each "partner in crime,"
all of it weighs on my soul.
Checkered past? Try paisley.
Thank You for the mornings after
and the sinking feelings.

Please remind me
that even though all of that is behind me,
I must never forget
that my house is made of glass.
A full wall of windows:
Looking in, you can see my past
and permanent record.
Looking out, there's only the clearest day
and glistening grace.

-Ruth Williams


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