Each night, I stand at my bedroom window and look to the west where one specific star burns brazenly each night.  No one needs to be looking at it for it to be shining.  It just is, in all its glory.  Certain as a compass. There’s a source of light millions of miles away.  And I can see it from my bedroom window.

I actually have decided to wish upon that star each night, as storybook as this sounds.  It’s not the star that’s vested with magic, nor the words I choose as I look at it and pray; it’s the feeling I get when I look at it.  Possibility that defies its surroundings.

You can look at what is piled up in front of you and feel the weight of it all upon your soul, or you can look toward your own star and decide the whole universe is wide open to you.  It might not all fall into place in a day, but I believe your dreams are already on lay-away, and you can create your paradise on an installment plan.  Let’s call it pray-away.  All it takes is a wish, and a walk of faith.

The Truth about Troubles

 If you just scan the headlines of my life, you'll think I'm delusional.

What in the world would make me think there's any hope?

Calloused hearts, empty stomachs, aimless souls.

Tail-gaters, back-stabbers, nay-sayers.

It seems that civility has become a casualty
and that "human" is no longer the standard state of being.

Yet I know the truth about troubles.

It's the wind, the rain, the compost of life
that give rise to a blooming thing of beauty.

Sustain me through these times of trial.
From seedling to morning glory,
Bursting from the ground, reaching toward the sun,
Hope springs eternal.

-Ruth Williams 


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