Though I may seem like I'm going crazy, I've progressively been doing better. Inspiring words here and there, like those from Ruth give me a backbone to continue through this deployment. I've also encountered a lot of strong women on an internet journey I've undertaken. Today an Army girlfriend posted a wonderful prayer that was inspirational and made many of us on the forum find comfort. I'm blessed for these moments and even more blessed by the safety of my soldier. It's important to recognize the sacrifices these men and women make for our country. And though we may not agree with this war, that's not what's important. Showing support for their fearlessness and praying for the safety is what matters.

The encouraging words I've received from those around me, from , friends, family, and forum buddies, have been more than I could have asked for. The literature I encounter every day on this site, from writer submissions, to the Pray Maker's prayers and comments. It helps me be motivated to keep my chin up everyday.

I lay my head in weary hands
and tears fall as I pray:
"Dear God,
Unworthy though I am
I ask one thing of thee.
Bless the one I love tonight
and help him remember me.
Tonight I cannot be with him
and take him by the hand,
but God, you can go to him
and make him understand.
Help him keep me in his heart
until we meet again.
For even though we are miles apart
I love him."


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