Ah, I thought my faith is being tested. I then asked God to somehow find the money and with that felt an immediate peace. My new friend offered to treat me to a movie of my choice, so I picked a mystery that I could get lost in. Then when there was only ten minutes of the movie left, the screen went dark do to our arrival. "No," I thought, "I won’t know how this ends, until I see it again…" The lesson? Focusing on what’s really important in life. About to land in Honolulu for my plane transfer to my final destination, I reflected on the missing money once more. Silently, I said to God, "If the money was stolen by someone who needed it far more than I did, then I was fine with that." It was at that very moment I decided, that this would not define me. I would let nothing spoil my visit.

Upon landing I raced to find the shuttle that would be waiting to take us to our departing gates. Unfortunately due to mechanical difficulties, they were not operating. Running now to my departure gate, I thought, "Okay what was the message here?" Then it came to me: When things are out of your control, let go…and let God take over. I made my connection. As I debarked from the plane, I saw my sister’s smiling face, and in her hands was a beautiful flower. The orchid lei is a greeting seeped in tradition of "aloha." "Well," I thought as I viewed a spectacular sunset driving along the coastline, "How blessed I felt to have time with a sister I love so much?" That evening I experienced a meal of strange noodles, vegetables, and chicken, in an even stranger sauce. This was followed by papaya tapioca…different food... such a fitting ending for my day.  To be continued…

Next week, I experience an awaking as I meet “new” family members for the first time, visit the City of Refuge, a church built in 1835, share some memorable meals, and experience laughter and “healing” at the Dragonfly Ranch.

  Seek and You Will Find

There's a lesson in here somewhere
It's in everything I do
But camouflaged as it must be
I hunt for Your clues along the way

Through waiting I learn patience
And the meaning of Your timing,
Through loss I find everything
That's more important then I thought

Disappointment teaches me
That what is lost
Must hold Your values
Not of this world, but the next

In happiness I now can see
Life's smallest pleasures,
As sweets to share with others
So they may feed their soul

Please continue to open my eyes
To look earnestly for Your meanings
Make me be Your student
Unrelenting, in my quest for truths

For only then can Your answers
Be revealed to me
I seek You with all my heart
You do not hide, but point the way

-Heidi Haller

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