Most nuns are extraordinary women, educated, passionate, socially aware. They'd make excellent priests. Unfortunately, old stereotypes die hard...even within the Catholic Church.

I once saw a photo of a woman carrying a sign that read, "If you won't ordain us, don't baptize us." In other words, don't bother allowing women admission to a religion that doesn't fully recognize us and allow us full participation. I don't feel quite that strongly; but some days, I come awfully close...especially on days when I see another desexualized stereotype on my TV screen, masquerading as a nun.

The F-Word

I'm a feminist.
There, I said it.
You ought not to be shocked;
it was You who made me so.
Growing up aglow in Your love
it was obvious:
If You loved what I am,
then what I am is special.
If You believed in me,
than what I am is capable.
If You respected me,
then what I am is worthy.
You taught me that being a feminist
isn't shameful or unwomanly;
it is the essence of womanhood.
My pride is in fighting for equal rights
and equal wages besides.
Help the rest of the world see this.
There are eyes that need to be opened,
and with Your help, we'll pry the lids apart.

-Lori Strawn


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