For instance, I believe the Church is wrong in its stance on contraceptives. As my high school religion teacher, Mrs. McKellogg once said, "I used the rhythm method (the only "contraception" allowed by the Catholic Church) and I have 11 children. That tells you how well it works." Women, Catholic women included, use birth control. It's a fact. To tell them they are wrong constitutes, I feel, a deliberate ignorance of contemporary life.

It is also a misunderstanding of scripture. Yes, God told us to go forth and multiply. He did not say, "Please, all of you, especially the poorest and most in need, pop out kids till you die of puerperal fever. Or watch your children die of starvation and disease." The God I worship would never be so cruel.

So I'm stating my dissent. In a blog. That hopefully will be read by as many people as possible. And that's my right as a Catholic. Pretty cool, huh?

We Catholics believe that the Church is the body of Christ, and we, the people, are the Church. Not some hierarchy over in Rome...us, the people. And if we make up the Church, we ought to have a hand in shaping it. Not that Rome (or even our own pastor) always listens, but it will take more than that to shut me up. I've got rights, see?


I've been called outspoken,
headstrong, a rebel.
But if I am these things,
it is for Your sake.
You gave me a discerning mind
to examine the world with.
You gave me a voice,
and a destiny.
I will not squander these things.
I will shout,
and pray that it is Your voice
that will be heard.

-Lori Strawn


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