I wanted the book to be something special, a sort of touchstone. Something you can carry around with you, place on your bedside table, memorize and quote from. I wanted it to be a companion, a comfort, a saving grace. It’s packed with wonderful Prayables, all based around the concept of propagating personal peace. Which, by the way, don’t you deserve? Especially now?

I want you to read it cover to cover. I want you to open it at random and find the answer to a question you didn’t know you had. Most of all, I want it to give you the joy it’s given me.

Joy like I found in lines like these:

Miracles accrue, one prayer at a time. (From Ruth Williams’ “”)

You are my warmest companion, my perfect joy. (From Abi Wurdeman’s “”)

I am one of this magnificent movement to repair the world. (From Rachel Lee’s “”)

I want you to feel, as I did, that if you cracked open your own soul, its voice would be this book’s, soaring up and rattling the rafters with praise, understanding and hope. And I think you will feel that.

Besides all that, buying this book will support the Prayables mission of bringing the right words at the right time to women in need. And if this one is a hit, perhaps there’ll be another, and maybe a prayer you wrote will be in it...and wouldn’t that be wonderful?

You can order Personal Peace: Prayers for Women of All Faiths currently from .

You can also order the PDF download from . It is the best gift you could possibly give yourself — or anyone else, for that matter. I worked hard to make it so.

Here’s the classic Prayable that opens the book...its title was changed slightly to match the book’s title:

I praise You for:
My purpose,
My passion,
My partner,
My people,
My personal peace,

Your perfection experienced.

For purpose gives direction.
Passion unleashes my gifts.
My partner, life meaning,
My people, a heritage,
My personal peace is
Your grace unequaled.



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