This bone + marrow equation is true not just in our physical bodies, but also in our social and financial arenas.  Think about people you know.  Or organizations you're familiar with.  Now, ask yourself yourself:  is that person/organization more like bone (e.g. an art museum), or more like marrow (e.g. the artist who creates the contents of the museum)?  Neither role is better.  And neither can survive without the other.

I've always known I'm marrow (a creator).  Badly in need of bone (a container).  And that's been a difficult match for me to make.

How do you find the right form and structure for your passions?  If you identify as a healer, artist, teacher, beauty-maker, peace-keeper, visionary, idealist, activist, change agent, etc., it's likely you've had a hard time finding your place in the market.  If your greatest passions (marrow) haven't yet found financial sustainability (bone), there might be conflict and struggle at that intersection of your life.  Change is coming.  Just be sure to hold on to your ideals, and your sense of beauty and justice.

Your convictions actually push the planet further along on its love-course.  Please be very certain of the good you're creating... every song, idea, business plan, apple pie, essay, set of curtains, child, garden, etc. you have ever made, changed the world in some way.  And it's a bunch of tiny little accumulated changes that we eventually see in society.

Marrow makes bones healthy.  Institutional bones are understanding that more and more. And they're adding room in their budgets for us marrow-folk!  Be encouraged.

Others praise You
with voices raised in song.
Still others paint awe-inspiring
canvases or raise buildings into the sky.
Let me praise You with the talents
You have given me.

I can reach out a hand
to steady my elderly neighbor,
or raise my heart in prayer
for a sorrowing friend.

I can stir a pot bubbling on the stove
as I wait for my hungry spouse.
I can speak comfort to a discouraged teen or
smile at the mother of an energetic child.

In all these ways,
I praise You,
who made me as I am.


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