This does not mean voting only for those who represent your religious beliefs. I am convinced Jesus would never vote for most of the politicians out there who self-identify as "good Christians." I do think I know what He would vote for: Kindness. Peace. Inclusion.

These things are not easy to vote for. It is natural to want what is best for you and yours...not them and theirs. What I'm suggesting is that that's how God would vote. And Buddha, Allah, Confucius, Gandhi, Lincoln...anyone worth emulating, basically.

It's easy to vote for those who are like you. It's harder to say: Just because I'd like to have a drink with someone may not mean they are good at running the government. Maybe "intelligence" isn't a dirty word. Maybe money shouldn't equal power.

In this season of the "Mama Grizzly," let us not forget what we tell our own children:

1. Be kind.
2. No name-calling.
3. Share your toys.

Surely if we keep these simple maxims in mind, doing our civic duty will become, at last, civil.


Everyone is angry these days.
Even tea parties are no longer genteel.
I can't stand the shouting.
so I turn to You for answers.
From all I know of You,
You are about love.
It is time for You to step in.
Please let love reanimate the body politic.
Teach Your children to use
their "indoor" voices to reason, not accuse.
Tutor us in civility,
for without it there is no dialogue.
Open the hearts and minds of leaders
on both sides of the aisle,
so that we may go forward as one.

-Lori Strawn


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