Fleur is a particular, punctilious, and precise child, while Lee is a lovable imp: messy and untidy, with a heart of gold and dollops of charm. Usually – for this was the whole point of the series, and still is – they compromised, meeting halfway for lovely adventures. It didn't take Doris long figure out that Fleur was her, and Lee was me.

Balance is a necessary component of life... as those who suffer from vertigo and other conditions that affect equilibrioception (sense of balance), never fail to tell us. When they have an attack, it's as if their brain goes into tilt. This physiological sense helps prevent falling over when walking or standing still... so when it is out of kilter, they feel as if they are standing in the middle of a maelstrom, with nausea thrown in for good (bad!) measure.

The phenomenon of dizziness, combined with that of falling, and makes them feel as if they are riding a Ferris Wheel... or trying to stand on one foot with their eyes closed and arms down at their sides. Balance in the body obtains when the visual (eyes), vestibular (ears), and proprioception (sense of orientation) systems work in perfect harmony. If one of these is not intact, there will be problems.

It's the same thing with our lives; unless we strive to achieve equilibrium, stability and balance, and choose the way of excess, overkill, or inconsistency, there will come a day when we will not be able to stand on our own two feet.

A Question of Balance

Ying, yang, high, low...
Laid back, impatient; stay, or go?
Decisions we make, each day of our life;
Praying for serenity, in moments of strife.
Sometimes, it's the tiny actions that matter;
We know that a hug can make many things better.

Help me be at peace without being complacent;
Active without being agitated;
Balanced without being finicky;
Fruitful without being ostentatious;
Enthusiastic without being overwhelming.

-Tanja Cilia


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