“The times they are a changing.” So, yesterday, at a , why did our President find the need to blame the partisan minority for our unemployment problem? How often do we ourselves, blame another when things aren’t going our way?

I’m not much into meditation, but I do have a mantra I say often. Speak positively. I can’t control what other people do— and believe me, I see people doing some pretty stupid stuff. But, I can control how I react to the misguided or even idiotic actions of others. No blame. Honor a person’s prerogative to make their own decisions, and their own mistakes.

This particular value of no blame, is so core to how I live my life, that when I hear my former hero trashing his political opposition, I GET REAL ANGRY!  Wait…I need to speak positively and balance my disapproval with positive action. I have my Chief-of-Pray soapbox to encourage my loyal readers to disregard the name-calling going on in Washington. Instead, direct positive energy toward the millions of unemployed and pray that they will find the strength, courage and resources to make ends meet, and find contentment in their lives.

I am waiting and waiting.
I am always getting ready.
Standing in this unemployment line,
I know I must renew my strength.
I have to go out and get what I want.
I have to make opportunities for myself.
You gave me a vision for a new business—
show me how to create it.
I will never receive all that You have for me
if I keep waiting and getting ready.
I praise You while I move forward
toward the unique purpose
You have created for me.

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