Why can’t people connect to each other without gimmicks? Is it a lack of confidence or an over-inflated ego? Have they been duped by the latest psycho babble fad or are they simply lacking common sense? I’m all for using technology to make communication easier. I have an iPhone, I daily, and my life would be a lot different without my computer. Yet, whether kibitzing on , or commenting on a blog post, I’m still communicating with another real-live person. No gimmicks needed. I’ve been tempted to hide behind a screen name and let my bitch flag fly, but that violates the beautiful spirit of online community.

Right now, like never before, more people can connect to each other on a deeply personal level. There are no barriers. If I’m blind, suffer from anxiety disorder, or morbidly obese and housebound, I have any opportunity to sell myself and build real relationships with other people. What does this mean for you? Maybe you’re not so comfortable always selling yourself, and the anonymity of the web is your little get-away. Or maybe you love the unlimited chances to sell yourself, and you’re excited to make new friends and have a place where you can share great ideas.

Hopefully, gizmos and gadgets are becoming loyal friends. You’re probably not like the sales team at OMB, using technology to avoid meaningful conversations. You engage with others in way that is real, regardless of the method used for communication. When you’re real, you’re successful in selling yourself. You’re the deal of the day, and everyone loves a good deal.

I need material things 
to make me feel special.
With more,
I know I would be worthy.
I want it my way and my way now!

What is really going on?
I want to feel connected
to my friends,
and You.

I must let go of the lie
that I do not have enough.
I am valued for what I am,
not what I have.
I am enough.


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