Yesterday, I finished working at my desk around 3:30. It was a sunny 80 degree day in Chicago. I took the latest Facebook Marketing book to the park and started reading— for all of ten minutes. I was stumped by a sentence on the very first page. Know your audience.

Prayables started as an idea. Kind of a “build it and they will come” idea. From the very beginning, I had no clue who would come. I just knew that a multi-faith prayer community was someplace I wanted to be. You can’t build a marketing strategy on that! And so, my journey into market research begins. Who is the woman who will relate to Prayables? What motivates her in her personal spiritual journey? Where does she hang out online? How can I reach her?  

As we gather together today,
we praise you for the diversity among us,
for the many experiences and perspectives
that make our group complete
and make our mission possible.

As we share our ideas today,
please infuse our words with wisdom and grace.
Open our minds that we may be enlightened
and inspired by one another.
Conduct this meeting in Your wisdom,
that our many ideas and opinions may converge
to fulfill the perfect purpose of Your will.

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