and took an online Facebook seminar last week with social media gurus and Chris Treadway. The content was not particularly helpful, but Ed came back very jazzed about the technology the webinar was running on. He figured if we could have interactive prayer sessions online, women of different faiths could connect to each other and pray together. Next,  Iain and Peg ask the questions that connect the dots:

green-flowerg50x48Prayables needs a community on the websitegreen-flowerg50x48where women can learn from each othergreen-flowerg50x48talk to each othergreen-flowerg50x48pray with each othergreen-flowerg50x48an online sacred spacegreen-flowerg50x48

Can you picture an online chat room on the site with different types of prayer sessions and inspirational programming and discussions going 24/7? If you have a problem with your teen-ager, join a session where women are talking about parenting problems and praying together. If you’re a seeker, find a mentor. Learn how others pray. A virtual gathering place for women of different faiths. I can’t wait to hear and explore the ideas that come from a few simple questions!

Thoughts become attitudes,
Attitudes become decisions.
Decisions become actions,
Actions become habits.
Habits form character,
Character shapes our destiny.

Help me to deal with my thoughts properly.
Then You will fill my life with a brilliant future.
A future held by You,
transformed with the sowing of right thinking.
Thinking that comes from You.

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