Churches, synagogues and mosques don’t have to worry that they will be replaced as communities of worship. Even though it’s now possible to watch a full length feature film on a cell phone, you’ll still find a crowd at the movie theaters on a Saturday night. If religious institutions recognize the need for change to suit the times, they will remain relevant to their congregants. I’m not talking about changes in core values. But the way in which religion is practiced should be flexible. Kudos to the innovators, who find a need and creatively fill it. Wish us luck at the “business beauty pageant” coming up this fall! 

Well, I've done what I can.
I've prepared,
I've honed,
I've practiced.
Now I give it
up to You.

Guide me to be my best self;
let Your words be my words,
Your limitless ingenuity,
Your creative spark,
Your empowerment,
Your gifts realized.

Creator of my capabilities,
my purpose,
my story,
I am ready
to exceed all
of Your expectations.

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