I know it’s not easy to celebrate if you’re sick, or unemployed. It doesn’t feel like life is so good, when we turn on the T.V. and see another suicide bombing. I wonder, is the media so good at using scare tactics to entertain us, or is our own faith so weak?

About five years ago, I stopped watching the news. No local news, no FOX or CNN, not even an internet video clip. I was working for the at the time. AIPAC is a special interest group that supports a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. I was knee-deep in war and hatred. The seemed hopeless and the was raging. I became depressed and my outrage was affected.

One of my friends introduced me to the . No agenda – just a roster of programs with world leaders and policy makers who talk about their area of expertise. No matter how dire the topic, the session always includes a question from the audience: what can be done to make it better? And there’s always an answer.

When I made the switch from watching news to learning about news, I was re-energized. I stopped hearing and seeing only the problem, and began to see the possible solutions. My favorite news reads are the , , and . When I get my news in print or online, I have the leisure to pause and think about it. The articles are lengthier than a sound bite could ever be, and if I want, I can skim through the yuck and get to a part that pleases me. Best of all, there’s time and space to include an opposing view and a positive perspective.

It’s a strong faith that can fight the negativity of bad news. It’s wise faith that allows us to get past our problems and find solutions. It’s loving faith that helps us see the bigger picture: .

Help me silence the relentless roar
of newscasters and fanatics.
So much of what we hear each day
seeks to separate us from one another.
I watch the news because I want to know
what is going on in the world.
What I see and hear is hate.

Help me look into the faces around me
and see the divine spark You have given
each and every one of us.
Help me, and women like me,
who come to You seeking comfort,
singing praise, bring
Your peace and love into the world.



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