In sales as in life, it’s important to ask questions. I like when someone cares enough about me, to want to know me. Ask me an open-ended question and listen to how I express myself. You’ll find my hot button, and understand what makes me tick. I’ll trust you because you know what I need— and we can help each other.

There’s another important “ask” that closes a sale and opens a relationship. Ask for the order. Never assume the person across the table can read your mind. A straight-forward request, that lets the other person know what you need, want and expect; is the best way to get… what you need, want and expect!

And finally, I learned in sales to say thank you: Thanks for returning my call; thanks for considering our product; thank you for buying from me. It’s no different in personal relationships: Thank you for being here for me; thank you for understanding; thanks for loving me.

And as for that sense of urgency; there is an invisible force urging me on. I know it’s not man-made, it’s God, who gave me the idea to share my love of prayer and do it quickly. Women all over the world are waiting to find comfort, inspiration, and Personal Peace.

I praise You for:
My purpose,
My passion,
My partner,
My people,
My portable peace,

Your perfection experienced.

For purpose gives direction.
Passion unleashes my gifts.
My partner, life meaning
My people, a heritage
My portable peace is
Your grace unequaled.



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