122110susanblogSatisfaction comes from three places: your mind, your body and your soul.

1. You can be satisfied intellectually. Let’s say you learn something new – how wonderful to finally get it! Maybe you’re challenged on a long-held belief. The arguments and discussion from a different point of view, brings new clarity to an old conviction. Satisfaction, is the reward stemming from the amazing intelligence we’re given. OK, in my case, maybe my own intelligence isn’t all that amazing. Still, I’m impressed that I can think and reason.

2. Your body can be satisfied. We have an appetite, physical energy and a sex drive.  Think about how wonderful food tastes when we’re hungry. Come to think of it, hunger isn’t always a requirement! But there’s a definite connection to being satisfied, from the food we eat. I caught a snippet of a reality show recently. The interviewer asked a question to a group of women: What’s your guilty pleasure? The answers ranged from potato chips to ice cream. Not a single person answered the other form of bodily satisfaction, but I'd bet they were thinking it. You know which one I'm talking about. You need only to visit your local Brookstone and check out the wide variety of massagers offered to understand.

3. The ultimate in satisfaction, comes from the soul. That’s because when your soul is satisfied, your mind is sharper and your body works better. Even the skeptic will agree; satisfaction comes with a clear conscience, an awareness of the beauty in nature and recognition that there is more to life than our own petty concerns.  It’s a circle really. Your mind, body and soul continuously feed each other in the satisfaction loop that is inside of you. Keep the circle of satisfaction strong.  Fill your soul with prayer, and you’ll find you’re perfectly satisfied.

I Know You Are With Me

My faults are many. My will is weak.
My heart is troubled.
My life estranged.

Your sweet breath
comes through the wind
and brushes my face,
and I know You are with me.

My fears are controlling
My mind is numb
My spirit is damp
My soul is fading.

Your piercing eyes
come through the sun
and warm my soul,
and I know You are with me.

My anger subsides.
My head aches from prayer.
My spirit is renewed.
My soul is refreshed.

Your arms of love
come through the storm
and embrace me dearly,
and I know You are with me.

- Danette Ariotti

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