I don’t know about you, but when I see a strong successful woman, I always want to know more. Is she happily married? Does she have kids? How about a best friend? What kind of teenager was she— popular or geeky? Did she do normal things, like go to homecoming and hang out with friends? What does she want to do next? It’s no surprise that most of my questions went unasked and unanswered. However, it wasn’t too long until we all knew her future plans. Finding out what she wanted to do next was a surprise.

Eliza is taking on the very business-y issue of . She was excited to hear from Chicagoans, how the is going. Here’s an accomplished woman, considered to be an expert in the areas of religion, conflict, and human rights, and yet she has the enthusiasm and backing to delve into something totally new and different. Bravo!

What about other women who thrive on variety, but are trapped by their own expertise? We should take inspiration from Eliza’s example and move bravely on to our next big adventure. Sometimes, the worst time is the best time to make change happen.

  New Endeavors

It's as scary as it is exciting
to create something new
and share it with the world.

Will people like it?
Will they be able to feel
the bright love used to make it?
Will they say- Yes!
for the chance to be a part of it?

They will if You infuse it.
Bless it with your special aroma;
the irresistible one that draws
and attracts butterflies to butterfly bushes.
Thank You for anointing this
new endeavor to express and expand beauty.

-Erika Harris


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