I worked. I studied. I prayed. I had a bagel while discussing spirituality with a very nice man who came to say Kaddish (mourning prayer) for his recently deceased wife. He followed me over to my mobile office (laptop) and I showed him Prayables. 73 year old computer-illiterate men, are an easy crowd to impress. Had to cut the gab session short, I had a conference call scheduled at 8.

While still at the Synagogue, I opened , and connected with the newest member of the Prayables team, , who is in Pittsburgh. I shared my desktop through , and we both worked in where a “dashboard” for the prayer inventory is kept. If I’m losing you with the tech talk, just wait. Here’s the part everyone can relate to; I had to go to the bathroom. My synagogue is wired for wi-fi. So I picked up my laptop and brought it into the bathroom, where the lights went on automatically because they are on a sensor. Without missing a beat, I muted the Skype session, used the facilities and resumed the online orientation while the automated towel dispenser spit out just the right amount of paper for me to dry my hands. Synagogue membership—$2800. Doing business in the new millennium—priceless.

Where has the week gone?
I see suddenly the approach of the finish line,
and yet my to-do list still looms large.
Please still my need to rush.
Help me take it one job at a time,
a steady jog—not sprint—
to the end of the working week.
There is more to life than hurry.
Thank You for giving me this day as proof.

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