Aren’t there a zillion other ways to relieve stress that don’t involve inhaling a toxic substance? How about a bubble bath, massage or classical music?  What about meditation, exercise or prayer? Wake up ladies! You can alter your state of consciousness without drugs or booze.

I own a pair or two of stilettos, although the inches in my stilettos are shrinking with age. I work twelve hour days and wear a business suit. I wish Yael would interview me for her next article in Marie Clare. I would talk about how observing the Sabbath provides a week full of tranquility. I‘d talk about unwinding with prayer and I’d make it just as sexy as pot appeared to be, in Stiletto Stoners. I can see it now, a follow up article in Marie Clare magazine: Stiletto Spiritualists.

So wear your prayer pride loudly, my fellow Stiletto Spiritualists! Women who pray, meditate and soul search are not the broomstick skirt wearing hippies and white bread women of yesterday. We come in all styles, and you can find us in every economic sector. We’re in the boardroom and we’re in the bedrooms across the country and across the world. You think getting stoned is the new cool? That’s yesterday’s news. Today it’s cool to pray. Prayer is the new pot. Toke on it!

I feel as though I am at
everyone's beck and call.
I am surrounded by a chorus of needs
and I cannot hear myself anymore.

I cannot hear You. 
I want to give to my family,
to my friends, to my coworkers.
But there is only so much of me.

Please burst through the crowd. 
Quiet the cacophony.
Make Your voice the only one I hear.

Show me the needs of my loved ones
and tell me how to help. 
Show me my own needs
and teach me how to protect them.

Show me how to support my friends and family
without always saying "yes."

And when I lie down at the end of the day,
please bring me the satisfaction of knowing
I had a day of good choices,
enabling me to come closer to being the woman I want to be
for myself, for my loved ones, and for You.



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