I am currently dealing with a compulsion so strong and so pleasurable; my entire day has become a way to pass the time until evening. I find myself stopping in the middle of my work day to think about it. Night time is when I give in to my addiction.

Three seasons ago, HBO launched a new series, True Blood. From the opening song, to the roll of the credits, I am hooked. I feel as though I am experiencing the lives of the people living in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. I watch previews and post-mortems, and I “talk” online with my fellow Truebies on Facebook — I just can’t get enough. What is it that makes characters so real, a storyline so compelling, and music so catchy that it won’t leave your head?

The season finale ended a few weeks ago. I decided not to give in to the long hiatus. I went to the Indian Trails library, and checked out the book that started it all: by Charlaine HARRIS. The storyline follows Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress who hangs out with a super-natural crowd of vampires, werewolves, and fairies. It’s not the subject matter that’s appealing. For me, it’s about a strong and spunky heroine, who has a sense of humor that matches her good nature. Oh, and did I mention, she and her unusual friends are extremely hot and sexy? There are nine novels in the series, I just started number six. It shouldn’t be long, before I finish all the books and return to my own world again.

I’m trying to figure out how I can capture the essence of what it is that makes franchise brands so appealing and apply it to prayer. In addition to my beloved Sookie, there are plenty of powerhouse products that leave you wanting more. What could be the game-changer in online prayer? Can the subtle constant hum of contentment match the instant gratification of outwitting a dastardly opponent on screen?

I’m certain that there is a way to balance the fanatical fervor of obsession, with a clean shot of healthy moderation. I suggest we exchange the commercial triggers that release the hormone that make us feel good, with prayer triggers that make us feel even better. We can connect to God with the same approach a best-selling author uses to connect to their audience. We can borrow tactics from the savvy advertiser who packages a lifestyle for the consumer. Even if it doesn’t appeal to everyone, prayer is a damn good product and there’s a market for it. Prayer doesn’t have to be crack, it can be a fine wine. Sip it slowly, savor the taste and enjoy the gentle buzz.


I belong to You.
I know this best when I am here,
sharing this space and time
with only You.

I unfold here,
bringing each part of myself forward again
to be seen by Your familiar eyes
and to be held in Your focused affection.

Please unfold for me, too.
Let me meet You the way You meet me--
with exclusive attention,
with specific love,
with deliberate commitment.

And should I find distraction
in a dozen other voices,
I pray You draw me in again,
back to the perfect home of Your presence.

- Abigail Wurdeman

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