"It's been a while since there's been fresh comments on the topic of marketing to encourage more women to add prayer to their lives. Diplogeek, finds me "insufferably condescending."  Had to look that one up to be absolutely sure; but I knew it was insulting. Condescending = displaying a patronizingly superior attitude. Diplogeek has sworn not to give www.prayables.com "a second look" because the way I comment, is "off-putting." Too bad for you Diplogeek. You'll miss out on discussing the merits (or not) of creative outreach to bring prayer a little closer to more people. Oops, I'm being condescending again. Maybe this is better: F-you Diplogeek. When you're ready to connect to one million women a month and share prayer— build your own website and DO NOT MARKET!!!    ahhhhhhh, much better, it feels good to be direct."

I’m noticing something similar spreading like wildfire through Facebook recently. Rude comments are showing up on the walls of people who are typically kind and gentle:

"Don't like me? Fuck off. Problem solved."

 "I don't need anger management - I need people to stop p*ssing me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

 "It's better to have loved & lost than to live with the psycho the rest of your life."

These are viral statements that are spread through Facebook apps. and are two of the more popular sites that make it easy for anyone to share a cleverly crafted thought and watch it soar to popularity within hours. You can “Like” something sweet and sentimental too:

"I wish I had my mom, I truly miss her. Take care of your mom cause you don’t know how long you have her."

Is a sentiment less sincere if you were not the one who wrote it? If I’m feeling feisty, and I grab hold of a time-tested profanity to express myself, aren’t I just being efficient? Everyone can’t be a witty and original all the time. The power of strong language can create a connection or alienate the other party. Whether you’re praying to God, or cussing out a close-minded critic, it’s not only words that matter.

I ask You today for inspiration in my writing.
Let my imagination burst into bloom
like a new rose in June,
petal by petal unfolding fresh wisdom and energy.
You are my most bountiful resource.
Tune my ear to Your merest whisper.
Let me hear You in those around me,
in nature, in the quietest recess of my heart.
Let my words be an echo of Your boundless wonder.



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