In the business world we’re constantly testing products, concepts, and employees. At Prayables, we needed to find people to “test-drive” our new website. We found out about . They have professional testers who visit your website and try it out. We gave our testers a list of stuff to do: find a prayer for a wedding, sign up for the daily ePrayable, and read a blog. For $29 we got back a video of the tester navigating, talking her way through the journey, and a written review. She gave us great feedback and we immediately made changes to make the user experience easier and better.

Wouldn’t it be something if all tests were that simple? One of our Pray Makers is going through a very rough time. Serious health issues and financial problems— the ultimate double whammy. When you’re ill and you can’t get your medicine, it’s hard to work. When you don’t have money coming in, you can’t pay your mortgage. This is more than a test. This is being clobbered on the head with a 2x4. Yet, she tells me that her faith has not faltered. When Abraham heard the voice of God telling him to sacrifice his son Isaac, we’re supposed to applaud his unwavering faith. I for one am rooting for him to snap out of it before the ram enters stage left.

Are there circumstances when it’s just plain stupid to hang onto your faith? I don’t think so. Have faith always, but do what it takes, all that is humanly possible, to lift yourself out of a bad situation. Your faith is strongest as your partner, not as a knight in shining amour.

The aches still ache.
The pain hasn't gone away.
I'm sick of myself.
Tired of being focused
day and night on how I hurt.
On what I cannot do,
and what the next test
might show or cost.

Help me look beyond myself.
Teach me to realize
that no one woman
can live with pain, alone.
Share Your:
And I will concentrate on
wellness today and tomorrow
with You by my side.