When we moved into , I received a very thick packet of condo rules. There are many regulations that make me nuts, but there’s was one rule I just couldn’t accept. Recycling the Styrofoam trays from meat, produce, and egg packaging was not allowed. I had to know why I could sort my paper, metals, and most plastics, but was forced to co-mingle my asparagus tray with the rest of my garbage. Lucky for me, Palm Beach County’s had an open house. I was able to tour the new facility and get answers direct from the source.

It turns out that there’s a very good reason we don’t recycle Styrofoam in Palm Beach County. They’re able to (including the Styrofoam trays) and use the energy for electricity. It’s actually more efficient than traditional recycling. There was a bigger lesson learned that day. I realized just how important it is for me to understand the logic behind the rules, before I could follow them with a willing heart. I’m not just talking about garbage here.

I’m blessed to have found my place in a faith community, where questioning the rules is required. As a , it’s up to me to learn the why. I’m obligated to study and take on the laws that will enhance my spiritual life. To act in ways that will raise me up as a better citizen. My religion doesn't tell me what to do. It allows me to be a partner with my teachers, my intellect, and my higher power.

When I feel that I cannot truly help, 
please help me reach up to You.  
Lend me Your strength so that I can see, 
that although I cannot fix the problem itself, 
there are a hundred other things 
that I can do to bring comfort
and a hint of You into her day.
Please help me reach up to You,
so that I may reach out in love.


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