1201010susanblogWhat if you could make money by talking on the telephone to your best friend?  That’s what’s been happening to me and my every week. Once again, I bless technology. BlogTalk Radio offers a platform to do an internet radio show over the telephone, and there are millions of listeners. A million have not tuned in to hear our show— yet. But we’re in the hundreds and rising steadily.

My mother is of the generation that really talks… a lot… on the telephone. I made a montage from old family photos, of my mom, with a telephone on her ear. It spanned over fifty years, from the early sixties on up.  And she’s still at it. If I could convince my mom, to turn her conversations into cash, she could have a nice little supplement to her social security.

Prayables Radio started a few months ago. At first we produced a one hour radio show. It was filled with (mostly) interesting guests and an (always) smart and charming radio personality. Swing and a miss. Honestly, it was kind of boring. Next up, short and sassy segments, contributed by women of all faiths. And that’s how my girlfriend Debbie and I got the on the phone and talked for for 15 minutes a week.

What do you and your girlfriends talk about? You probably talk about your kids, if you have any. Whether single or married, I bet you’re talking about your significant other, or lack of. And, it’s likely you and your girlfriends cover a range of topics from people to politics. How often do you chit chat about God, your faith and spirituality?

While my mom spends hours, each day on the telephone, talking to her girlfriends. They don’t go in for God talk, but my mother lives a very holy life. Her actions define her religiosity. She is devoted to building and maintaining relationships that lift up those around her. And in the end, when we truly take stock of our life accomplishments, isn’t our greatest success, the people we touch?

Debbie and I both have the blessing of having very special relationships with our mothers. Their influence comes up often in our conversations. We did a show recently and I was reflecting on the time, when a co-worker’s luggage was lost. She told me it would cost thousands of dollars to replace her cosmetics. That led into, me bragging about how $25 could cover the replacement of my filled cosmetic case. And then, Debbie gave thanks to her mother for her naturally good skin.

You may not realize it, but in the gratitude of a zit-free complexion, you’re making the mundane, sacred. When you’re sharing joy and disappointments with another, you’re in communion with the Divine. Solving problems, listening and laughing, are all part of your work here on earth, and it honors God.

  If you and your girlfriend think deeply and love passionately, you may have what it takes to make (a little) money talking on the phone.  There are DIY internet radio platforms available, many are free, and you can have your own show. True, you won’t get rich from the pay. But you can bring your riches to other women all over the internet.

Gal Pals

They're the ones that I can count on,
sure as the beads on an abacus.
It is miraculous to me
how You fit them into my life:
the childhood friend,
the college roommate,
the confidante,
the sisters by birth
and by marriage.
Treasures, all...
a profusion much greater
than one woman deserves.
Thank You for the bonds
forged by women's hearts,
for tangible evidence
of Your enduring love.
Knowing You could not
be present in flesh,
You sent me those
who can and are.

-Lori Strawn

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