Forty years later and it still tickles the funny bone. I'm chuckling as I sit here blogging about it. I know I should be critical of the boys pulling this mean-spirited prank. But that's not where I'm going. I'm thinking of Mr. Hermanson's excitement from the anticipation of a question. He's majorly into mathematics, and very anxious to share his knowledge— even though his classroom is full of obnoxious adolescents.

We launched a new this week. Erika Harris is the producer, booking agent and talk show host. It's a big job and she does it well. Her guest on the Wednesday show was. She is initiate and ordained cherag of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Huh?!! It was an interesting interview, and they covered some heavy ground. The show allowed time for live audience Q & A.

"Question, is there a question?" I had a question; more than one, but I didn't even know where to start. When there are complicated topics like mathematics and mystical universal religion, it's best to go easy on us ordinary folks. I live by this rule: When I'm editing a prayer for Prayables, if I have to look up the definition of a word, it gets the red pencil— no matter how lovely the language is. There is much to be learned from math teachers, religious leaders and () publishers of prayers. It’s possible to share passion and enlighten others in a way that makes them comfortable and open to hearing what you have to say. We need to do our part to apply the principle: … and short.*

*Bet you were thinking of the other popular definition of the .

Tonight, I am full
of uncertainties:
rushing water, rocks
and loosened stones.
Above me, stars reach
connecting pieces of
my scattered life, forming
constellations of doubt.

But when all is quiet,
I hear the creek
pulsing outside my window.
Your presence is there.
Itís pushing, persevering
through broken waters,
even after a day of storm.

I may never know what will be.
But tonight I know for sure
that You are ever near.
I believe everything keeps moving.

-Mirandus Claudius





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