The set of cards contain three lists designed to make us think:

Apparently my brilliant had the same idea as me; she’s making it handy for people to have the right words at the right time. The Elul cards are just one of many ways we can remind ourselves to pray, reflect and live purposefully. When you reach into your wallet and stumble upon a mass card on the way to your Visa card, it’s inevitable that you’re going to think of your loved one. It’s a prayerful moment when out of the blue, you connect to someone who has passed. You’re thinking holy thoughts, you whisper, “I miss you,” and you smile. It’s important to have reminders of God’s reach. It feels good to know that you are protected, loved, and special. Prayer can have more meaning when your routine is interrupted. Your mood changes in an instant. Go ahead— clutter up your purse with nudges that say pray. Comfort, joy, and gratitude are yours.

Heart Opened

Open my heart, so I can see
the truth around me.
When I am shown anger,
help me see the hurt that sparked it.
When I am shown arrogance,
help me see insecurity.

When I am shown aggression,
help me recognize the fear beneath it.
And when I am confronted with hate,
give me the strength and wisdom
to respond with relentless love.

Today, please give me the wisdom
to know how to care for myself.
I want so much to be a blessing
to those around me,
to my partner, family, and friends.
Help me remember:
I cannot take care of them
if I have not cared for myself.

Today I ask for the courage
to recognize my own needs
and the strength to offer myself
the same love I offer those around me.

-Abigail Wurdeman

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