I love the parents who have perfect children. You know them; you’ve sat next to them in a restaurant when your kid is stacking the creamers and yelling, “Bulls-eye!” as he knocks ‘em down with a spit-ball. Perfect parents give birth to perfect children who never use their straw wrappers as projectile weapons when out dining in public.

There’s a hilarious mom from Texas who has a blog: . She shrewdly observes that mothers of perfect children rarely have more than one, only child. How true! I know two pompous parents who have snickered at the behavior of my brood of four, for years. Their ivy-league educated son wore pressed and creased slacks and button down collared shirts all through high school. He was not normal, but he sure was perfect. Only child? Check.

So how does striving for progress beat perfection? It motivates us to tackle a challenge that would otherwise be overwhelming. I have a vision of a peaceful world where “.” Well maybe not farming implements exactly… but a world where there is no need for weapons, because there is no war.

I figure I’m making progress, one prayer at a time. When I pray, my soul is at peace. It’s a lot like a good hot shower. It lasts throughout the day, but I need to take another one tomorrow. So I add daily prayer and walk around 24/7 with a peaceful soul that is felt by my children and our entire family. It's peace-giving parenting at its best. When I’m at peace, my family is at peace. When families are at peace, communities are at peace. When communities are at peace, the world is at peace.

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Blessed are those who
speak the words that calm us,
quiet us, and bring us back to you.
Blessed are those who,
with a look or a touch,
still the fear that leads to hate.

Oh, help me to be
one of your peacemakers.
Where there is strife,
Help me bring calm.
Where there is pain,
Help me bring healing.

As I go through my day
and make the world a better place,
help me reflect Your light, Your love,
and Your ever-present wisdom.



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