Here are the six simple words Ziggy got me with: I don't condemn, I don't convert. How’s that for a mantra?! What would our world look like if every person in a position of leadership, lived by a political policy of tolerance, acceptance, and understanding based on this slogan? It’s difficult to imagine. , an expert on multi-faith dialogue, tells us that for talks between people of differing views to be effective, we need to suspend our belief. Even more difficult, we need to suspend our disbelief. Forget for a minute that it’s never been done. There have always been corrupt and misguided leaders in history, but let’s just say, this time, is different. From Greenland to Bali, every single person occupying every single inch of the Earth’s surface, got Ziggy-fied. The is preaching world peace today and the sweet little blue-haired lady with her pamphlets, let’s you walk on by.  I don't condemn, I don't convert.

Sounds like heaven on Earth to me. Sounds nothing like the of war and bloodshed preceding a messianic age. Just one popular Reggae singer, got through to one person, who got through to another person. And like , we all believed and we went all-in.




Send peace,
like a jolt of electric current;
numbing the brain,
of every evil tyrant,
ruthless dictator,
and dangerous fanatic.

Send peace,
as potent as a lightening rod;
striking the heart
and transforming the soul
of aggressors and war mongers.
Bless me with the power
to ignite the spark,
and start the transformation
with my prayer.

Bless me with the power
to take bold actions,
wisely using the gifts
You have given me.

May we soon see
the dawn of a new day,
shining brilliant
with Your peace-giving light.

I am the conduit to peace.

-Rachel Lee

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