was one of the speakers. He’s a brilliant young leader at the forefront of the inter-faith movement. His organization, works on college campuses across the globe to get young people doing service learning projects and talking with each other about religion. , another panelist, convenes large scale conferences with the . He brings communities together to solve problems and lay foundations for mutual cooperation among diverse religions. And , the third presenter, goes out to religious tribal leaders in the Middle East and Asia, representing the US State Department office of and asks them what they do right, to help their people. Three different pieces in the puzzle of peaceful co-existence: Youth, Communities and Religious leaders.

Women are adding to the big picture too. We now have a way to find out about the many faith traditions, with the conversations women bring to Prayables. We’re commenting, posting and writing prayers that share our beliefs with others. We’re praying right alongside our sisters who practice their religion differently, yet, we pray with the exact same words and the exact same intent. This is truly a major step forward, this is a multi-faith movement —going beyond religious tolerance to spiritual compassion.   Pray on it.

Right where I am is where I should be.
In the center of Your will,
the perfect place to rest and dream,
When I need to go forth You will tell me.
Your timing flawless, I will respond.
The path is not marked but I don't worry,
soon Your way will be known.

I marvel.
There's no explanation or evidence of Your existence.
I know simply because You are as constant as the sun.
All the glory goes to You.
Sustaining me, shaping me, guarding me.
You, who gives me direction.

Blessed are we who know You.
May our many voices be pleasing to You.
May the many become all and the all become one.

Suggested reading: by Eboo Patel
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