Do you ever think about what it would be like to have a celebrity as a friend? I don’t have a strong desire to pal around with ; but I would like to be part of the inner circle of some really smart public figures. I’d love to discuss foreign policy with . I have a few war questions for . And I have a theory of macro-economics I’d like to debate with . With Facebook changing the ways we get communicate, I kinda feel like I am friends with some super-smarties.

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines in the debate that’s raging around a Muslim community center with a . When I think about the fundamental right of private citizens to build a house of worship on private property, I’m all for it. Then I change my mind when I think about the which has ties to the militant faction of the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s confusing, which is often the case with complicated issues like this one. I turned to my , to get . I’m still enormously undecided, but I am more enlightened by the many thoughtful references and comments of my brothers and sisters from diverse backgrounds.


I heard the call many moons ago,
but turned away to 'find myself.'
Thank You for going to all this trouble,
to sculpt me in skin and sinew,
to wait patiently as I came back into the fold
You took me the long way home,
so I could reach my own conclusions.
Let me be all I can,
and thank You with my life.
Please, today and every day,
be in my heart as I find my way.


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