We do not allow promoters of false doctrines and heresies such as JWs, Mormonism, Oneness theology, Baha'i faith, Arnold Murray, Etc.   

It’s a free country and far be it from me to pass judgement, (ha, ha) but this just doesn’t seem right. I suppose a heretic could muck-up a pleasant chat, and maybe we’ll need to “keep ‘em out” of the Prayables sacred prayer space when it’s up and running. But don’t bet on it.

Wouldn’t it be a better more peaceful world if religious tolerance, rather than religious intolerance were the rule? There’s a wonderful group doing just that with a great website; . They have a staff that consists of a Zen Buddhist, Wiccan, Christian, Atheist and Agnostic. They don’t agree on almost every theological principle. But, they have a very long list of what they do agree on and it starts with:

“We do believe: In the inherent worth of every person. People are worthy of respect, support, and caring simply because they are human.” 

I know that the little old lady in the airport who is praying for me, is worthy of respect. I know the folks in the My Guiding Light chat room are worthy of respect. I know that I am worthy of respect. Three of us with very different points of view, who likely would not agree on most things theological, have something in common. We share a respect for ourselves, and a respect for the dignity of prayer.

I need You
I weep for You
I reach out for You
I feel You
I think of You
I worship You

Guide me to be
a better person today
than yesterday
Let the joy of worship
manifest in me
and others will
know your comfort
and love.

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