This weekend was one where I was conscious of good-byes. My nephew left to spend a year of study in Israel. My good friends are packing up their college freshman, and my grand-daughter Rosie was shopping for school clothes. She starts kindergarten in two weeks. Rites of passage, pre-dating even the bible. How different the story would have been if Joseph had been ditched by his brothers, but had his cell phone in the pocket of his ? I don’t look back wistfully at a simpler time. I remember too well, the agony and isolation of being away from home and not being able to talk to my parents when I needed them. So it goes. Lots of stuff to do and lots of stuff to do it with. Embrace the , , and . Be the modern-day, busy woman who juggles a hundred things at once, but don’t neglect your own spirituality. Yes, technology can be the good that wriggles its way into your soul. Receive a in your email and let the beautiful words on the screen be an invitation. Close your eyes and have a conversation with God.  You’re not alone anymore.


Call it kismet or divine intervention—
I am where I need to be.
Let me never forget
that I did not wander here
unplanned by chance.
You led me to this place.
I am on stage awaiting my cue.
What can I do for You here?
With whom can I connect?
Let me do Your work and will,
and we shall move together
to the next destination.
Only You know my destiny,
though I know this:
In providence, I am never lost.


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