I sometimes think about what’s next. I’m told, one of the most often asked questions clergy will hear is: “What happens after you die?” At Prayables, we focus on the commonalities between faiths, but start discussing the afterlife… that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish! I’m Jewish. In our holy books, there’s some, but not much, talk about life after death. We’re all about the here and now; with a dollop of “when the Messiah comes.” At least that’s my interpretation. So, I fill in the blanks, with my own idea of heaven as my eternal resting place. Like Woody, I envision an orgasm as being part of my end game. I mean; if you’re taking the trouble to dream up the perfect eternal resting place, you surely would want to include the most physically satisfying pleasure.  Emotionally, I want to feel the appreciation and love from my family and close friends— forever and ever. I also want to enjoy a constant stream of strangers who kind to me; for no apparent reason. And then there’s God. To be on God’s turf, would be a nice change of pace. No worry about keeping up appearances and making sure my “spiritual house” is in order.

I don’t fear death. I’m not kidding when I say, I believe the afterlife to be immensely rewarding. Visions of meeting up with my grandparents, my aunts and uncles who I miss now in life, is extremely comforting. Yes, I’m sorry for the loss felt by loved ones when someone dies. Yet, I trust grief to be a teacher and to make us stronger. If I could live my life backwards in my next life, I’d do it. As for living my life now, facing forward— I do.


Today I am born to a new week.
I thank You for the view from Monday,
for the wide, unworn week
stretching out before me,
for all the possibility
simmering beneath the surfaces
of appointments and deadlines.
Thank You for standing
beside me today,
stepping with me into
another new beginning
and filling me with
the insuppressible joy
of Your constant presence.



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