All’s well that ends well. Us daughters, of all ages, love our mommies— even if they sometimes annoy us, or disappoint us. I know that to be a fact. In the Prayables prayer collection, are the most popular category. We look for ways to give thanks to our mothers, to praise them, and to honor them. What better way than with prayer?

And for those who lose their mom too soon— prayer can be the connection to her ever-living soul. Past and present, mothers and daughters teach each other life’s most valuable lessons: The virtue of being considerate, the blessing of patience, and the joy of love between parent and child.


Thank You for giving me the gift of life; my child,
the greatest human love I will ever know.
You are here with me,
always putting my child's needs first.
You are here with me,
duplicating my education, wisdom, and emotion.

It is Your will to leave life's prints,
on the generations You give forth.
Forgiveness that comes naturally.
Seeking within for all answers.
Knowing that the universe respects a pure heart.

I am humbled by the experience of following my heart
in moments of joy and inspiration.
Thank You for giving me the gift of life; my child,
the importance of being called Mom.



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