Cara has a very large circle of people who love and admire her. It's a blessing and a challenge. We're all over her to be strong and change the course of her relationships. Her husband is cold and insulting. Her employer is a passive-aggressive control freak. Only Cara can make the changes she needs to get rid of the hurtful people in her life. So why don't we all just shut-up and let her work it out?

Because we love her. Because it hurts us to see her hurt. Because we're unwilling to change the way we make change. I'm beginning to see that speaking up isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. When the factory owner changed his policy of sexual discrimination, business sense prevailed— it was not an emotional decision. Cara has factors like love, and loyalty to contend with. When you're genetically wired to put others before yourself, it's difficult— but not impossible, to tell someone, "I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Cara needs to turn down the volume around her. She needs to listen to the still quiet voice within her. With God's help, she'll make the right choice.

I thought I knew this person,
but I have not loved wisely.
The relationship is ending;
it was toxic for us both.

Teach me to move on
without bitterness and regret.
Help me to forgive myself
while I seek a better other.

Let me feel Your spiritual arms
supporting me as I weep.
Let me gain from You the certainty:
This decision is good
and sits well in my soul.


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