…As soon as I get to it.

What open item is on your to-do list? Is it something routine or unusual, big or little? You may be a habitual procrastinator, or simply a busy person with too much on your plate. Whichever it is, you should have a way to be sure, that what’s truly important gets done on time, every time.

I remember when Julie, who was a client of mine, confided. She owed a phone call to a girlfriend who had a new baby. She just hadn’t gotten around to it. I tried to make her feel better about the slip-up and offered a generic excuse, “She’s probably so busy, I’m sure you’re not top of mind to your friend right now.” Apparently, that was not the case. Her friend called her from the hospital to share her joy… four months ago. Ouch!

It’s not always so obvious or so easy, to do the right thing: Schedules are tight and resources scarce. Yet, if all we do is sit around patting ourselves on the back when we have good intentions, or kicking ourselves when we don't follow through, then all we’ll get is an ever-growing list of should haves. Our greatest blessing is our connection to other people. We have the capacity to do God’s work through our actions. The next time you’re tempted to bypass the deed, ask yourself this question: If I do what I’m supposed to do, could I make another person just a little bit happier? If the answer is yes, drag your butt off the seat and make it happen.

Stopped at a corner in my car
saw a man holding a sign.
It read, I'm hungry.
You say, "Feed him"

Walked by a woman
sleeping on a cardboard box.
She needed warmth.
You say, "Cover her"

Crossed through a parking lot
there was an elderly lady
carrying heavy bags.
You say, "Ease her burden"

I long to grow closer to You
for your ways to be my ways.
You who feed,
provide comfort,
carry burdens.
Let me be a reflection of
Your immeasurable grace.



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