What is the human tendency— privacy or openness?  over retaining the personal information, pictures and messages of their users without consent. I’ll very loosely paraphrase founder off-record response; ‘People who post sh#$ on Facebook and expect it to be private are idiots.’ I suppose that’s true. My Mom is appalled that I’m blogging about very personal feelings and experiences. She thinks it’s ridiculous that I’m talking to other people in front of other people through my posts. And, my Mom is shocked that she can see the wedding and baby pictures of so many people we know, but like a train wreck– she is compelled to watch.

The internet today, is all abuzz about privacy, and rightfully so. Google will ding (penalize) a website that doesn’t publish a privacy policy. I wrote the , using a that delivers a fantastic website-ready legal document. With websites meeting the demand for privacy policies, how can users of the social networks be open and honest in online interactions and still retain an appropriate level of privacy? When we are face-to-face with a person who is emotionally raw or hurt spiritually, it can be intimidating to reach out. My co-workers, who were present to witness the painful scene with our boss in the conference room, were instinctively embarrassed and speechless. I’m glad I spoke up. I urge everyone to re-consider their personal privacy policy.

If we’re ever going to repair the world, we need to promote understanding and end intolerance. If, by exposing our private business, we can help another, then so be it. We’re trying to create a loving world. Let go of your secrets, wear your spiritually on the outside and extend friendship to a stranger. Open up.

The sign on the wall simply reads: Be Open.  
I pray I can be open to change,
open to hope, open to love.  
I want to be open to joy,
and open to unexpected grace.
I will be open to gifts You  bless me with,
whether I know it or not.
I know I can do what I ask of myself—
to be open to the life I need.

-Miranda Claudius
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