After I left the store, I thought long and hard about why the lazy, stupid, and rude clerk (pardon my language, I guess I’m still venting) succeeded in making me moody. Is it humanly possible to act cheerful when you’re genuinely pissed-off?

I know plenty of ways to eliminate a bad mood:

1. Count your blessings. 
2. Fake a good mood. 
3. Say a prayer of gratitude.

It took all three methods, plus an hour or two, to shake off my ugly confrontation with the UPS clerk. What makes it even worse, I was the cause of someone else’s bad mood... and it's still the holiday season! I am determined. Next time I will be strong and I will spread good cheer.

I’m not suggesting that the secret to eliminating bad moods is in being a doormat. I was right to speak up in the store, and attempt to correct the mistake. But what I did take away from my customer nightmare; is that I am still a work in progress. Michelle may have scared a good habit into me so many years ago, yet it’s not enough. I have a long way to go.

I’m perfecting myself and that’s a far cry from being perfect. Maybe that’s what makes me interesting. I am grateful to God for the ability to react, reflect and change a bad mood to a good one.

I feel like I have fallen
and I can't get up.
Source of my strength, lift me.
Change is coming.

My dreams and visions are shattered.
Source of my strength,
put it all back together.
Change is coming.

Everything I think is right,
is turned upside down.
Source of my strength,
fix the wrongs.
Change is coming.

Source of my strength,
I need You now.
Change is coming.



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