One seller will phone up anyone you want on their birthday and Marilyn Monroe style.  Want a nice start to your day? A very nice young man will every day for a week. Not sure what to wear? A professional in the do’s and don’ts of fashion etiquette. Any one of these quirky services could be yours for five dollars.

I’ve been buying up social marketing for , like one possessed. Tracee on Facebook to “Like” Prayables. Though many of her FB friends turned out to be males, it did bump up our numbers.  I ordered a and got a accent urging women to pray— it was creepy at first. He did it over at no extra charge. Now it’s kind of fun and a bargain after all.  I hit the Fiverr jackpot with He composed original music, and played guitar all for $5.

The site was created by Israeli’s . Micha wanted to find someone to teach him how to convert a chart from Microsoft to Excel. He figured he’d pay around 5 bucks for it. With a tiny little idea like that, the latest internet sensation is born.

Making money isn’t easy. How often do we work hard and have little to show for it? Do you ever say to yourself, “I am really good at [fill in the blank], and I wish I could earn a living at it.” Certain talents aren’t that unique and it’s hard to pay your mortgage because you play a great game of Scrabble. But what you can do; is put a value on your marketable talent and try to sell it. That’s why I’m so excited about the power of the Internet. There are all sorts of different ways people can take advantage of supply and demand— online.  It’s unlikely that micro-entrepreneurs like Tracee and Doug are able to quit their day job by swapping their talent for five dollars. However, small gigs provide the chance to test the waters, get your name out there and make a few extra bucks.

is a writer, life coach and founding member of our Pray Maker Council. This woman knows how to inspire, motivate, and pray. She sent me an email today. “This will be a Great Day! All is well!” Even her exclamation points are uplifting! She’s a wonderful example of a woman who uses her God given talent and makes it work for her. Take your own tiny little idea and see what happens when you start out small.

I am waiting and waiting.
I am always getting ready.
Standing in this unemployment line,
I know I must renew my strength.
I have to go out and get what I want.
I have to make opportunities for myself.
You gave me a vision for a new business—
show me how to create it.
I will never receive all that You have for me
if I keep waiting and getting ready.
I praise You while I move forward
toward the unique purpose
You have created for me.



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