There are people whose response comes from their religious identity. Jews who only give to Jewish causes. Christians who give as a vehicle to spread the gospel. And Muslims whose giving exclusively goes to Islamic organizations. There are some who donate their wealth to a foundation that takes a business-like approach to effective philanthropy, think Warren Buffet and . And many make giving decisions based on an experience that touched them personally. Cancer, gun violence or suicide.

Whatever the motivation, we live in a world of givers. Global citizens who respond to  “hopeless causes” by sending spiritual support, volunteering time, and giving money to better the world. They don’t let overwhelming odds stop them. They don’t begrudge others so they can have more for themselves. And, they don’t get turned-off by reminders that our brothers and sisters are facing huge challenges in their everyday struggle to get by.

You have placed within me, my soul.
It gives form to my thoughts creating
my innermost feelings
and driving my actions.
I am possessed with goodness
and remarkable power.
Committed to: doing deeds
of loving kindness,
speaking out for justice,
sharing my money with those in need.
I am one of this magnificent movement
to repair the world.
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