Enter . Amanda is the new Assistant Editor for Prayables. Along with her literary expertise, she comes with very strong ties to a certain soldier, serving overseas. Amanda’s boyfriend, Tommy, is a Combat Medic currently deployed in Iraq, along with the many other heroes of America. Among her many responsibilities in her new job, is to reach out to the women in the military community and get them involved in Prayables. We’re looking for who have just the right words to bring comfort, cheer and support to those serving in the military and their families. Add some pray today for the soldiers. Happy Memorial Day!

I am a stripe,
I am a star,
I am red, white and blue.

Although we have never met,
I will always pray for you.
I wouldn’t know your name
if I saw you in a crowd.
I would pass you right by,
yet we are both Americans.

I spend time with my kids,
I sleep undisturbed.
My home is safe
because of what you do.

You, who know
these men and women,
You, who know
who will return from war
and who will give their lives—
be with them all
in their hour of need.

Bless them,
bless their families.
Let them feel the love
I send out to them.
May they know
how I feel:
There but for Your grace go I.

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