This is not a backwards developing nation. Women enjoy full equality in every other area of public life. They are required to serve in the military alongside men and contribute equally in the workplace. The has one of the highest GDP (an economic indicator) rankings in the world. It ranks third in having the most college graduates per capita. Its researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs lead the world in alt  In a country where they should know better, there is an on-going struggle against injustice in the name of religion. This is a big insult to free-thinking citizens living in a democratic society. We must . We must take in the Holy Land of Israel.


I’m a feminist.
There, I said it,
though You are not shocked.
It was You who made me so.
Growing up aglow in Your love,
it was obvious.

If You loved me,
then what I am is special.
If You believed in me,
than what I am is capable.
If You respected me,
then what I am is worthy.
You taught me that being a feminist
isn’t shameful or unwomanly;
it is the essence of womanhood.

My pride is in fighting for equality.
Help the rest of the world see this.
There are eyes that need to be opened,
and with Your help, we’ll pry these lids apart.

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