One of her new friends, has a radio show in South Florida where lives. He invited her to come on-air and tell her story of overcoming her problems through Facebook. She was so good as a guest that he invited her to co-host the show with him and also got her a spot on a radio show of a colleague. A new career and a new life begins. The wonders of technology; ,, and a teaming up to give voice to grieving hearts and giving hearts. Is it not absolutely divine?

I give You thanks for carrying me through
the muckiest patches of life.
Emerging with scratches, yes,
but they pale compared to the
faith-filled ferocity of my inner power.

I give You thanks for bestowing within me
the determination to stand tall—
not back away and run
from overbearing pain and fear.
(I wanted to flee, at first. I thank You for not letting me.)

I give You thanks for giving me perspective
to grasp what is most important on this realm
and to let flutter away the inconsequential.
I give You thanks for still being here to give You thanks.

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