Six years ago, I was at work when Julie, one of my office mates came into the office in tears. She travels for business and her luggage was lost. According to Julie, she had thousands of dollars of cosmetics in her suitcase.   I have been trying ever since, to imagine how that could be. Julie was a hair over thirty-five at the time, and she’s not the club girl type.

Her make-up appeared very natural, but apparently she was in skin preservation mode; oodles of expensive creams, toners and lotions. My whole outlook on Julie changed when I knew how hard she was fighting to stay young looking, and how much it cost.

Preserving beauty is a worthy endeavor. Ask a wildlife activist, an architect, or a fashion model. Each one of us has our own idea as to what defines beauty, and how much time, energy, and money we should use to make the beauty in our lives continue.

Of course I know, you know, and Julie knows, things like cosmetics don’t make us beautiful. Sure, a little does wonders to even out some blotchy skin. And it’s true that many women look a whole lot better with just a little blush and lipstick, but lasting beauty depends on your inner peace, not your facial features. You’re beautiful when you walk in an air of confidence, and when you treat people nicely.

You don’t have to look any farther than or to recognize what makes a woman beautiful. Whether you’re blessed with an attractive gene pool, or even if your ancestors were not so kind, everyone is on equal footing in the eyes of God, and in the hearts of those who you touch with your true beauty.


What if there were no mirrors
upon which to reflect?
Would I strive harder, laugh louder,
believe in myself more?
Would I embrace a world filled with
endless possibilities?

What if birthdays had no numbers,
just a celebration of this life?
I fear growing older.
Will You help me with my struggle?
Can You bring forward this child
trapped in another's skin?

You, who knows my song,
You, who can give it wings,
please, tomorrow let me wake up
not feeling scared,
knowing that with You, I am renewed.
I am young, I am eternal.
I am forever ageless.



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