Prayer is like that for me. I love to pray, but I think I’m more than a bit ADD. If I get only snatches of blissful moments in my 15-20 minutes of daily prayer, I’m very happy.

It helps when I pray in community. Yesterday was one of those days. My temple home at , started a Wednesday morning minyan (prayer service) at 6:30 a.m. It’s been very successful; well attended and a beautiful spiritual experience. We study a little before we begin, and then we go into the Beit Midrash (small sanctuary) and we all pray together, out loud mostly, some singing. The sun was streaming in yesterday. It was a festival day; . That’s the holiday when we celebrate the day the Torah (bible) was given. Glorious day! The only interruption in my prayer yesterday was: HOW CAN I TURN MORE PEOPLE ON TO THIS? TOO GOOD. MUST SHARE.

I love that there are so many ways to pray. I will spend the rest of today, buried in Prayables. Some of them will be just words on the screen for me. And frequently; throughout my day, I will stop, be in the words, be in the moment, and be in conversation with my higher power.

I feel You within me like never before.
My trust in You has paid off.
This is contentment.

Splendid, astounding, worth every prayer,
every heartache, sublime serenity.
A solid finite companion, not by my side,
but inside my being, a part of my soul.

Ahhhh, I savor You,
I savor this blessed moment of bliss.

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