I was outraged when I read this story: injustice, racism, stupidity! What a macho jerk for lying to get laid, shame on that cruel bitch for blaming a man for her loose morals. What surprised me most was a statement from Yuval Yonay, a sociology professor at Haifa University in Israel. He's taught for 16 years on a campus where 20-25% of the students are Arab. In all those years, he has never heard of a mixed relationship. It never occurred to me that there wouldn't be , ,  in the Middle East.

I grew up believing that
every princess finds her prince.
It's inevitable.

My kingdom, on the other hand,
is full of frogs.
No matter how often I kiss them,
they remain stubbornly amphibious.

Where is the prince You made for me?
Help me find him.
Fish him out of this sea of possibilities.
My life remains Your tale to tell.

I remain ever-hopeful,
ever-trusting in Your narration.
Please grant me my happily ever after,
after all.

-Lori Strawn

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