730susanblogChelsea Clinton is getting married and we're all excited! Not Princess Di excited, but not Amy Carter (un-)excited either. First of all, Chelsea looks great. She tamed her bushy hair, kept her figure, and dresses nice. Secondly, she’s smart. She’s a Stanford graduate who studied at Oxford and is currently working hard at a hedge fund in New York. Third, she has very interesting parents and we love to watch their goings-on. All-in-all, we like Chelsea, Bill, and Hilary, and they’re throwing a big shindig in Rhineland, New York this weekend.

If you’re Jewish, there’s probably another reason you’re interested in Chelsea’s wedding. She’s marrying one of the Tribe. Her fiancé Marc Mezvinsky, is a Jew. Before there was Farmville, Mafia Wars, or World of Warcraft,  the Jewish people invented a game so viral, so pervasive, that nearly every single Jew, the world over, plays it regularly. It’s called: “Guess Who's the Jew?” Adam Sandler had a hit song with a musical version of this game – don’t miss it, it’s a classic. Guess Who’s… is not to be confused with Jewish Geography, another very popular game played with gusto in Jewish circles.

We love to play Guess Who's... with sports figures and entertainers. And it’s really fun to play with our American royalty. Caroline Kennedy’s marriage in 1986 to Edwin Schlossberg was the game winner of that decade. And now, more than thirty years, later we get to play again with Marc – Will Chelsea convert? How will they raise their kids Are the parents happy about it? Oh joy, this is so much fun!

I’m really over the fuss and the anguish of intermarriage. I’ll leave that to the hardcore religious fanatics and everyone over eighty. Wouldn’t we be better off  if we stopped worrying about mixed bloodlines, or loved ones spending an eternity in hell because they don’t have the proper attitude when it comes to redemption?

I’m all for live and let live. If someone’s theology doesn’t jibe with mine– so be it. The beauty of our differences is that no specific religion exclusively owns prayer. Chelsea and Marc can pray together. Caroline and Edwin can pray together. When lovers of different religions commit themselves to each other, they have an opportunity to expand their faith-based principles beyond their own inner-circles. The Clinton-Mezvinsky families are blending Christianity with Judaism. It’s like choosing New York Cherry and Pistachio for your double scoop of ice cream; different flavors can taste good together.


Committed to Each Other

As they commit themselves
to each other's
hearts, hands and lives,
I thank You.
For helping them
find each other—
friends and lovers,
supporters and confidants.

Thank You for letting me
share in their joy-
to bask in the love
of two such special people.

Thank You for the bond
that brings us together-
for this and so much more,
I thank You.

- Sue Bradford Edwards

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