To be a good archer you need precision, concentration and a good aim. Do we need the same qualities when we pray? In my faith; Judaism, we often talk about having kavana when we pray. Kavana means going beyond the words, and feeling God’s presence in  prayer. It doesn’t always happen. Often, I’ll open up a prayerbook, or read a prayer from Prayables and my mind is focused elsewhere. The words don’t connect me, it takes more.

This past Sabbath, at , we had our final music worship service until next fall. Leading the service is Rabbi Kedar, Cantor Frost, Shimon the percussionist, Tracy on guitar and , also on guitar.  It’s Dave who brought kavana to my prayer on Saturday. Dave is one of those people who stand out in a crown, he’s a big guy, but that’s not why. Dave has an aura surrounding him and it is pure joy. He puts melody to the words of prayer using his guitar with awesome passion. It is said Dave prays with his fingers. I was stuck by that expression and I posted an update on the :

Have you ever "prayed with your fingers?" guitar, piano, ASL(American Sign Language). Do you have favorite music that moves you spiritually?

I would love to hear from women about music that is spiritual and uplifting. Music that expresses our innermost feelings through melody or lyrics and can transport you to a place of kavana, a closeness to God. Lately, I feel deeply when I hear alt or . Is there anyone who can make it though without praying for his pain?

Won't you look down upon me, Jesus You've got to help me make a stand You've just got to see me through another day.

In prayer as in archery; I continue to “arm” myself with the best equipment, words and melodies that enable me to take aim for a bulls-eye in my connection with God.

I want my life to ring,
to surge like a cello,
deep and moving
graceful and resonant—
the sound of Your voice
when you speak to me.

I hear little songs
in my mind
of Your promises.
They carry me
through each day,
and I dance.

-Miranda Claudius
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